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The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork. Psalm 19:1




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We are ministering in different churches in Massachusetts. God has already given me some souls that are coming to church and excited about Jesus!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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Praise the Lord!


Doing evangelistic travels to Happy Camp.


motor home


Church at Willow Creek


Willow Creek


Marie Blodgett is healed!!


She says:" When Pastor Wheeler asked for people to come up for healing, I thought I heard him wrong. He said that's what I said and I got up there as fast as I could. When he finished praying my knee felt better. By the time I got back to my seat my pain was gone! I was planning to have a knee transplant this spring. I guess that wont be necessary! Praise God!!



Mount Shasta in route to Evangelistic Meetings



Majestic Mount Shasta





Dawson prays with Rusty, who accepts Christ and asks Christ to come into his heart while at work at Hilmar, California.




Adam Haro prays for salvation and gives his heart to Jesus at Brenda's Athletic Club in Turlock, California. He is one of the staff members there.




Martin Ramirez, from Ramirez Satellite, receives Christ at Pastor Wheelers home. He is a dealer for "Dish" network. After talking with Pastor Wheeler he decided to give his life to Jesus. PTL!!






Just to let you know that when we ministered at the Samoan church in Sunnyvale, California that there were 12 adults that came forward for salvation...Praise the Lord!! God is moving and answering prayer. Please keep praying for us. We love you all!!! Here is a picture of Pastor Willie(Brown) B-Uili and his wife Julie, the Samoan Pastors:



Here is a testimony of mine that I recently put on Face Book:

"My left eye went blind. I went to a eye doctor by the name of Spector. He told me that the blood vessels in my eye had broken and were letting blood into the cavity of my eye and caused me to go blind.He said I would have to have "Laser" surgery. He sent me to a specialist in San Francisco. The specialist examined my eye and asked me when I had Laser surgery. I told him that I didn't have it. He said: "Yes you have." I said no I hadn't. He examined them again and said all those vessels have been lasered and closed off. I told him God had to do it and he healed me. He said go back home and your eyesight should return in 24 hours. I did and it did. God did a miracle for me. He is our Healer. Praise Him. Dawson Wheeler