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The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork. Psalm 19:1


About Dawson


Dawson Wheeler was born Dec. 2, 1941, to Gene and Dorothy Wheeler, who were Southern Baptist Pastors. He had three sisters: Mary Joy who was thirteen years older than he was, Martha Jean who was ten years older, and Nancy Ann who was five years older.

Mary told her parents before Dawson was born that they were going to have a son and that he was going to be a minister. They assured Mary that they were not going to have any more children and she insisted that God had given her a dream and that they were indeed going to have a son, and that he would be a minister!

When Dawson was four years old, he went forward and gave his heart to Jesus in response to his father’s preaching. At the age of fifteen, he had a powerful experience with Christ after hearing a message on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ preached by Evangelist Dean Fedderhoff at LaLoma Grace Brethren Church in Modesto, California. Dawson responded to the call to come forward and his whole life was dramatically changed.

Within a year he was asked to become the president of the local Youth For Christ club, which he accepted for the remainder of his high school years. After graduating from Hughson Union High School in 1959, he earnestly sought the will of God for his life.

On August 23, 1959 Dawson had gone to work early in the morning to get ready for the peach crew to come and pick peaches on Marvin Fleshman’s property. He heard Someone shout out “Dawson” and immediately he knew God was calling him to preach. The voice came from behind him where there was an open field of alfalfa and from the peach orchard he was facing. The voice was so loud that it startled him and he jumped up in the air and turned around to see who it was. No one was there!!

This gave Dawson such a hunger for more of God. He began attending Modesto Junior College and would keep up his prayer life when he would get home from classes.

While praying upstairs in his home one day, God baptized Dawson in the Holy Spirit and he began to speak in another tongue. His father heard him and called to him, asking him what he was doing, and he responded that he was praying. His father questioned him about what had happened and then told him that he was worshiping God and praising God in perfect Hebrew. His father was convinced that this had to be God, and this set Dawson on a new direction in life.

He enrolled in Bethany University where he met his wife-to-be, Jeannette Frazee. They were married on Jan. 28, 1961 and have been married for over 50 years. Dawson graduated from Bethany University in Santa Cruz in 1965 with a BA degree.

He and Jeannette moved to Vancouver, Washington to work at the Vancouver Boys Academy with troubled boys, many of them wards of the court.

In 1970 he entered the evangelistic field and held over 100 revival meetings in ten states, traveling for three and one half years. He pastored his first church in Alderpoint, California in 1973 and then pioneered a church in Gardnerville, Nevada from 1975 to 1985. In Gardnerville he built a $4,000,000 facility debt free, and saw over 1000 people saved during that time.

He was asked by the Assemblies of God District to be on the World Missions Board and served there for several years. He went on to pioneer several more churches before pastoring Rohnerville Assembly of God for 12 years in Fortuna, California. During that time he was voted in by the churches in Humboldt County as Presbyter of the Redwood Section and he served for eight years.

God has now led Dawson back onto the evangelistic field. His great passion continues to be to see the lost come to know Jesus. As Dawson preaches, he builds faith in people’s hearts to believe God and inspires people to a new level in their Christian commitment. Many miracles of healing also take place in his meetings. In a recent meeting he had when he gave the invitation for those who wanted to receive Christ, 12 adults came forward and received Christ! Praise the Lord.



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